Is it a “fit” suitable for SF and Lee Jung-hoo whose leader moved

San Francisco’s interest in Lee Jung-hoo is hot. Pete Putilla San Francisco immediately watched the Kiwoom-Samsung Lions match at Gocheok Sky Dome (Gocheok Dome) in Seoul on the 10th. The game drew high attention as Lee Jung-hoo’s final home game to challenge MLB after the season. Multiple MLB clubs, including the San Diego Padres, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and New York Mets, dispatched officials to Gocheok Dome, and San Francisco was the only general manager of the team’s operations.

San Francisco ranked fourth (79 wins and 83 losses) in the National League West this year, failing to pass the fall baseball threshold. He failed to advance to the postseason for the second consecutive year, and is focusing on strengthening his offseason power. He seems to have entered the recruitment race for Lee Jung-hoo as well as Yamamoto Yoshinobu (Orix Buffaloes), the best pitcher in the Japanese professional baseball league. The team’s batting average this season was only 28th out of 30 MLB teams, drawing more attention from General Manager Putila’s visit to Gocheok Dome. Lee Jung-hoo’s overall batting average is 0.340, ranking first in KBO league history based on 3,000 at-bats. 스포츠토토

Coincidentally, San Francisco’s outfield is close to “saturation.” Two of the three outfield seats are held by Mitch Hanniger and Michael Confoto. Hanniger signed a three-year long-term contract worth 43.5 million dollars (58.9 billion won) at the end of last year. Confoto also signed a two-year total of $36 million (48.8 billion won) contract in January and will wear the Giants uniform in the 2024 season. If the two players are guaranteed the starting position, there will be only one outfield seat for Lee Jung-hoo to squeeze in. Even this is not low in competition, with Mike Yastremski, Austin Slater, and Luis Matos, a big prospect. Matos made his big league debut in June, recording a .400 on-base percentage and a .60 slugging percentage in Triple-A in the minor league this year.

Song Jae-woo, a commentator for MBC Sports Plus, an MLB expert, said, “San Francisco is full of outfield resources. Since we have to use the two players (Hanniger and Confoto) unconditionally, we have to decide how to operate one position, he said. “If we don’t recruit Lee Jung-hoo at a low price, we have to use him as a main player, but that could make the position of a player like Matos ambiguous.” “It is difficult to move in earnest because the postseason is not over yet, but we need to watch the club’s move more.”

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