Irresponsible Jamsil Dome initiative, ridiculous doubleheader…Three things that are not in the KBO League that are “respectful and caring common sense” for fans and players

This is the first thought that came to mind when I saw this and that noise surrounding the KBO League recently. If it is a professional sport, I don’t care about fans who should be the top priority, and I am afraid of the desire to fill my profit with one cause or another.

It has been more than 40 years for politicians to use professional sports as a tool. It is also absurd that they are still playing into the devil, and it is a shame to commit the act of eating away trust by themselves. If it’s a high-level noise marketing strategy to attract attention, it’s fair to say it’s successful.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s announcement to change Jamsil Stadium to Dome Stadium is not actually news. It was no longer a secret in the baseball world that LG and Doosan made a decision to cover some of the construction costs, and that Jamsil Dome would be built following Incheon Cheongradom.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has already calculated that completing three dome stadiums, including the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, will help attract international competitions, such as hosting the World Baseball Classic (WBC) finals.

It is also known that KBO President Heo Gu-yeon and Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon met several times to build a dome stadium in Jamsil and use the general stadium as a temporary stadium until the construction of a new stadium. However, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 18th that it has canceled the use of the general stadium as an alternative stadium due to safety concerns.

The resistance from the baseball community is so obvious. Both KBO and LG and Doosan looked perplexed. One question that I’m curious about here. This is because there has been a rumor that a fairly complex persuasion process is needed to temporarily use the general stadium as an alternative baseball stadium. In other words, since it is equipped with a track and field track, an alternative that the track and field community can understand is needed.

Jamsil Stadium will be demolished after the 2025 season. It means there are still two years left. In the meantime, a general election will be held. When the construction of Jamsil Sports Mice begins, it enters a presidential election phase.

The next destination for the Seoul mayor is usually the presidential office. Large-scale sports facility construction, which begins between the general and presidential elections, is a prey that can be calculated politically. This means that it is time to change the position in the name of national integration.

For example, it is possible to make a great decision to achieve the wishes of 10 million Seoul citizens and 8 million baseball fans. It means that two years will provide an alternative stadium that the track and field community can understand, and the movement, which was said to be a safety issue, is enough time to solve various ways. Attention is already focusing on the timing of the announcement of the plan revision. Politicians are highly calculated political messages in their own right.

Attention is bound to be drawn to what kind of variation the surprise announcement will cause with the election. Of course, when the election season begins in earnest, the issue of Jamsil Alternative Stadium will be pushed out of the question.

KBO is also losing credibility due to a series of mistakes. The second round of the doubleheader at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 17th was resumed after waiting for more than three hours. If the purpose was to inform the poor stadium environment, it was a huge success. However, there is no choice but to talk behind the scenes. 스포츠토토

Team running for president for the first time in 29 years declared a rainfall call after a 47-minute suspension of 47 minutes. The rival team waited more than four times as long as 204 minutes. Considering KBO’s administrative power that forced Kiwoom, which has never canceled a home game, to have a doubleheader, it is inevitable that it has hidden intentions.

KBO will also hold its own presidential election after this season. Several rumors surrounding the secretariat are being produced at the inflection point of re-election and replacement. Moreover, there is an issue of renewing broadcasting rights after this season.

Covering issues with issues is the basis of election strategy. Regardless of whether he has the capacity to do so, KBO’s series of mistakes from the outside are enough to be seen as being torn between change and stability.

There is no place to find consideration and respect for fans and players. The group that has lost its most important value is bound to pay a harsh price.

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