“I’ll do well, so stop making discriminatory remarks”…In Japan, there is a harsh criticism, so please refrain from mixed-race GK

Japan began its official training session at the Al-Ersal Training Center in Doha, Qatar, at 11 a.m. on Tuesday (local time). It took about 15 minutes for the training to be released to the media. Kaoru Mitoma decided not to participate in the interview. Takefusa Kubo, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Takumi Minamino, and Ko Itakura all participated in the training session as usual.

Kubo and Minamino received attention, but there was someone who received attention. It’s Suzuki. Japan had a clear goalkeeper, including Kawashima Eiji in the past. Until recently, Daniel Schmidt and Konda Shuichi played an active role, but there was a trend of generational change in age. With Nakamura Kosuke out, Daiya Maekawa and Nozawa Daishi Brandon were listed on the goalkeeper list.

A mix of Ghanaian descent, Suzuki, has been selected as the starting player. Suzuki grew up at Urawa Red Diamonds Youth and continued his active career after making his debut in the first team. Lee Seung-woo also played and started his European career as a member of Sintrawidan, where many Japanese belong. Before the Asian Cup finals, he played in four A-match games and scored no points. Rumors of a move to Manchester United also drew keen attention. Manager Hajime Moriyasu gave Suzuki, who was born in 2002, the main goalkeeper gloves.

“Suzuki is still young and needs to raise him. He is a resource for the Paris Olympics,” said Mai in the “Football Zone” at the training site in Japan. “Suzuki is under tremendous criticism in Japan. In the match against Indonesia, Moriyasu may change his goalkeeper. Still, he will play as a starting member in the tournament. If the match between Korea and Japan unfolds, the Japanese goalkeeper will be Suzuki.” 토토사이트 순위

About 20 Japanese reporters gathered at the interview with Suzuki. Suzuki gave his answer to the question with a calm expression despite the outpouring of attention. Asked about criticism against him, Suzuki replied, “There are areas for further improvement. I made mistakes, but I will supplement them and do better. I will play without being swayed by emotions and move forward, not limited to this tournament.”

In addition, Suzuki is the Japanese goalkeeper. “Losing points can lead to defeat. I am fully aware that I am being asked to perform at a higher level. I have to accept that. Please refrain from making discriminatory remarks.” As he is a mixed-race goalkeeper in Japan and has performed poorly, some fans appear to be making discriminatory remarks that cross the line. From the standpoint of the Japanese national team, Suzuki will likely take special care of himself as he needs to maintain his mental and performance to win the title.

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