I think every ballpark has a slightly different strike zone

“I think every ballpark has a slightly different strike zone.”

Kim Kwang-hyun was followed by Ryu Hyun-jin (37). When it comes to “feel,” the league’s top pitchers are in agreement.

This year, the KBO fully implemented the Automatic Ball Scoring System (ABS). It is the first in the world for a first division league.

The core of ABS is ‘consistent judgment’. Critics, mainly from on-field and former players, have argued that ABS harms the fundamentals of baseball and dehumanizes the game. However, ABS is supported because of the trust that it will result in fair, context-free strike-and-ball calls that are fair to both teams.

All in all, the ABS itself is not bad. Most of all, it’s satisfying to know that the zones are set to the same standard throughout the game. Pitchers and hitters alike have their likes and dislikes, but they appreciate the consistency.

There”s only one concern. It’s the possibility that it varies by location.

The physical location, angle, and shape of the cameras can vary from one stadium to another.

The KBO’s official stance is that there is no possibility of different zones in different stadiums, 카지노사이트 but the experience on the field is mixed.

In the past, each umpire had a certain zone. It didn’t change much when a taller batter entered the game. Now, on the other hand, the zone is constantly changing depending on the batter’s physical condition. This can give pitchers an illusion.

But it’s not something that should be overlooked.

No one is more sensitively sensitive to the zone than pitchers and catchers. Ryu Hyun-jin, the man of 8 years and 17 billion, pitched five innings against Lotte on the 17th to complete his final checks before the opening game on the 23rd.

“There’s not much difference between the Major League Baseball and the KBO,” Ryu said after the game. However, the ABS zone seems to be a little different in each ballpark.” He explained that the situation was different between the Kia Tigers and Lotte on the 12th.

“There were more strikes called in the high zone today than last time. So I threw more high pitches to match that. I think I need to catch that part quickly and utilize it well every game.”

Kim Kwang-hyun also said, “There are players who feel that the ABS zone is different in each ballpark.”

However, Ryu added, “In the end, it’s the pitcher who targets the zone. You have to throw well,” he added.

In fact, the changed environment is more favorable than before. 토토사이트 추천 In the past, the zone was different depending on the umpire, and it would change every game and every inning.

But now, even if the zones are slightly different in different stadiums, they remain the same throughout the year, with set rules. It became a battle of who could adapt the fastest and throw more accurately.

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