How to play pontoon

The game begins with dealing with cards. As mentioned earlier, there are both cards where the dealer is facing down and the player cannot see. If the dealer has an ace pontoon and a ten-point card, the player’s bet will be made. If the dealer doesn’t have a pontoon, gamblers can buy cards to grow their hands.

If your card totals more than 15, say “stick” and you don’t want an additional card. If the dealer breaks down or the hand is worth more than the dealer, it will win.

Another option is to say “flip” when the card total does not exceed 21. This means you want an additional card that is processed head-on, and if the total is less than 21, you can twist one or two more cards. After processing 5 more cards, if your total hand count is less than 21, it means you have 5 card tricks.

When the sum of your hands does not exceed 21, you will also be given the option to buy a card, meaning you will have to ‘flip’ the bet at the same time, and the dealer will give you another card. 경마

In the pontoon, it is valid when there are more than 15 total hands, which means that if you get an additional card after splitting an ace, you will get another card when the total of those hands is less than 15.

The number of cards is also important in the pontoon. If you and the dealer have a total of 21 cards, but the dealer has 4 cards, while you have 5 cards, you will win because it is harder to get 5 cards without simply exceeding 21.

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