How to hit a long ball with a 55kg body

Behind the remote hill behind the South Seoul Golf Course in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, there is a practice range exclusively for players with grass. It’s a place that ordinary people don’t know.

I visited this practice room on the 10th. I was going to meet with former national team coach Han Yeon-hee and hear the secret of his student Hwang Yoo-min (20). Hwang Yu-min is 1m 63cm tall and has a slender body. He flies an average of 240 meters even though he is not big. Hwang Yu-min won the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour Daeyu Winia-MBN Women’s Open, which ended on the 9th of the previous day.

I didn’t expect Hwang Yu-min to be on the practice field. The game was delayed several times due to bad weather the previous day, and I thought I would take a break from practice because I even played extra time with Kim Min-byul. But unexpectedly, Hwang Yu-min was at the practice room. Wearing a loose shirt and a face without makeup, he had a childish face. Hwang Yoo-min said, “I’m tired, but I came out because I wanted to check the fade shot that didn’t go well yesterday.”

Hwang Young-hoon, his father, said, “Even though he is not feeling well due to shingles, he told the teacher that he would come to the practice room to greet the winner.” At the same time, Hwang hired his daughter, saying, “I have to go to the hospital quickly.” (Hwang Yoo-min eventually failed to participate in the KLPGA Tour Ever Collagen and The Siena Queens Crown competition, which opened at The Siena Golf Course in Jeju City on the 13th.)

On this year’s KLPGA Tour, the longest hitter is Bang Bang-sil. The room is ranked first with an average drive shot distance of 265 yards. Hwang Yu-min ranks third with an average of 258 yards. Hwang Yoo-min said, “If it fits well, the carry distance is about 235m. Including the run, it flies 250 meters,” he said.

What is the secret of Hwang Yoo-min’s long hit even though he is not big. Hwang Yoo-min said, “Until middle school, the shot distance was short. When I played with my high school sisters in the competition, I realized that I lacked distance. “I decided to increase the distance because I thought it wouldn’t be the best at this level,” he confessed. Hwang Young-hoon, his father, said, “At that time, I did quick muscle training that track and field athletes do.”

Na Seung-wook, who taught Hwang Yoo-min at the time, said, “I trained to jump several times for eight seconds. Yumin jumped 15 times. While swinging a light stick, he felt the speed, while swinging a heavy stick to shape it. He said, “The head speed exceeded 105 miles while increasing the ground reaction force by five times.” 온라인카지노

Hwang Yoo-min moves his left foot in the downswing movement. It is similar to Scotty Schaeffler, the world No. 1 male. Hwang Yoo-min said, “I use players who are not big but hit far away like Xander Schopley and Rory McIlroy as role models,” adding, “I want to play like male players.”

Hwang Yu-min is greedy. Don’t play for the goal of passing the cut. “I try to win every competition,” he said. Hwang Yu-min rarely wears color makeup. I don’t even wear a skirt. When I was young, when I went to a Chinese restaurant, I only ate a large serving of jajangmyeon on purposely. For a long time, I weighed 52kg, but I once set my goal at 58kg. These days, I maintain a weight of 55kg. I purposely gained weight by mixing 4 spoons of powdered milk in milk in the morning and evening.

Although he is attracting attention as a driver, Hwang Yoo-min said his strengths are putts and short games. I’m confident in making shots. Like Tiger Woods, he hits fade shots with several ballistics. The score is relatively better on a windy day. This is due to his good use of low-lying shots.

Hwang Yoo-min said, “I want to advance to the LPGA Tour and win a lot of titles and receive permanent seeds. “I want to play golf at the highest level while competing with world-class players,” he said.

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