Heaven turns a blind eye to Tottenham… Madison ‘Alternative MF’ is also OUT “Injured during training, missed the match against Nottingham”

Tottenham said on its official website on the 14th (Korea time), “Roselso does not participate in the away game of Nottingham. Roselso, who has scored a lot of points over the past month, has suffered a problem in training and has become impossible to participate in the away game at Nottingham.”

Tottenham, which beat Newcastle United 4-1 in the previous round to win in six games, will play Nottingham in the 17th round of the 2023/24 Premier League at the City Ground in Nottingham, England, at 5 a.m. on the 16th.

Tottenham, which had no wins in five league games (one draw and four losses) recently and succeeded in rebounding by catching Newcastle, is seeking to re-enter the fourth place by winning the match against Nottingham. Currently, Tottenham is in fifth place with nine wins, three draws and four losses and 30 points, three points behind Manchester City in fourth place. Nottingham is in 16th place with three wins, five draws and eight losses, five points ahead of the relegation zone with 14 points.

Bad news broke ahead of the Nottingham expedition. Roselso, who had been performing unexpectedly well amid the midfielders’ string injuries this season, collapsed due to injury.

According to England Football London, manager Anji Postecoglou, who attended the pre-press conference, said, “We have a new injury. Roselso felt some discomfort during training. I don’t know what the problem is. I haven’t trained, I don’t have time. I hope it’s not a serious injury.”

“We still have quite a lot of absences on our team. There are eight injured on the medical table. Unfortunately, Roselso will join them. The rest of the players are fine,” he added.

Tottenham’s official website also announced Roselso’s injury shortly after the press conference, saying, “Postecoglou believes Roselso’s injury is not serious. We are hopeful that Roselso will return soon.” Roselso’s injury is not serious. 파워볼실시간

It is fortunate that it is not a long-term injury, but it is unfortunate that he cannot play against Nottingham right away. Currently, key midfielders such as Rodrigo Bentancur and James Madison are out of the team due to long-term injuries. As Roselso showed good performance in the recent game when the two players were absent, the news of his absence against Nottingham is all the more regrettable.

Argentine midfielder Roselso started his European career with Paris Saint-Germain and joined Tottenham Hotspur through Real Betis. He received a lot of attention for his creative passes, dribbles and playmaking skills using his left foot as his main weapon, and Tottenham also paid 53 million pounds (about 85.5 billion won) in anticipation of Roselso’s creativity.

However, Roselso failed to meet expectations. Unlike French and Spanish leagues, he was unable to adapt to the physically strong Premier League style and started to lose ground in the race to become a starting member. Roselso, who failed to become a starting member after Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, eventually left for Villarreal in January 2022.

He soared to fame in Villarreal. He quickly became a key playmaker after playing in the second half of the league, and he also played an active role in the UEFA Champions League, helping Villarreal advance to the semifinals by beating Juventus and Bayern Munich.

Based on his performance this season, Rossellso, who played for Villarreal until the 2022/23 season, returned to Tottenham ahead of this season. All three league games, except for the League Cup games against Fulham, were substituted, and in September, he spent a whole month with a hamstring injury.

He seemed highly likely to leave the winter transfer window. However, his position has changed dramatically recently. Due to Madison’s injury, Rossellso was given the chance to play. Rossellso, who started the match against Aston Villa last month, scored the only goal for Tottenham with a fantastic score. Although his team lost 1-2, the game showed signs of Rossellso’s potential.

Roselso also scored in the ensuing match against Manchester City. He started as a central midfielder and scored an equalizer in the 24th minute of the second half when the team was trailing 1-2, helping it secure a 3-3 draw. Since then, he has played in five consecutive matches in the league until the matches against West Ham and Newcastle.

With the prospect of renewing the contract without leaving in winter, the position has completely changed. He will miss the match against Nottingham, but it is expected that he will fill the vacancy when Yves Bissouma and Pape Sarr are elected to the Africa Cup of Nations in January next year.

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