Han Kee-Beom creates ‘Championsphere’ basketball team with Multiground Spark

Han Ki-beom Basketball Class Lee Hyung-joo announced that he will launch a new basketball team, “Champsphere,” in collaboration with Multiground Spark next month.

The basketball team is a project to expand the base of basketball with the revitalization of 3×3 basketball games, and will be active every Wednesday evening from 10 to 12 pm at the Multiground Spark Dechon store. In particular, the Chambersphere team plans to actively participate in various talent donation activities such as participating in and operating volunteer programs and 먹튀검증 basketball tournaments in Gangseo-gu.

Lee Hyung-joo shared his vision for the creation of the new team, “Champsphere,” to revitalize 3×3 basketball and expand the base of the sport. In an interview, he said the following

Q. What motivated you to create the ‘Champsphere’ team to revitalize 3×3 basketball?
Hyungjoo Lee: 3×3 basketball is one of the formats we chose to convey the appeal of basketball to a wide range of age groups. It provides a fast and intense game experience with teams of a small number of players playing together. By utilizing these characteristics of 3×3 basketball, the ‘Chambersphere’ team hopes to create a new basketball culture and encourage a wide range of people to participate in basketball.

Q. It is known that the Champsphere team plans to participate in volunteer activities and basketball tournaments in the Gangseo-gu area. What are your goals in this regard?
Hyungjoo Lee : The ChampSphere team aims to provide a special experience to communicate and interact with the community through basketball. Through various activities with basketball fans in the Gangseo-gu area, we want to give them a sense of belonging to the community and provide opportunities to develop a sense of social responsibility, especially for young people. Through volunteer activities, we will create an experience where players and fans grow together.

Q. We know that the Champs Esports team has appointed Lim Geun-oh, who appeared on SBS Matchup, as its ambassador. What other players will be working with the team?
Head Coach Lee Hyung-ju: In addition to Lim Geun-oh, we will have players with various backgrounds and experiences. We will invite players Kim Yoo-seok (former Kepheus), Kim Kwang-ho (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Cho Yoo-chan (Incheon National University), Shin Ji-heon (Cat Cats), Kim Deok-hyun (Cat Cats), Lee Jae-hyun (Crown), Lee Yeon-woo (Crown), Kim Min-sung (Crown), and Lee Hyun-ho (Crown), as well as players such as Boubacar from Mali and Abdoulaye from Guinea, to work out together and participate in various basketball events and community activities with them.

“The Championsphere team wants to create a better society through basketball. We want to foster a sense of social responsibility among young people through activities that contribute to the community while enjoying the joy of basketball,” said Lee Hyung-joo.
As such, the ‘Chambersphere’ team embodies Lee’s passion and vision to communicate with the community by making the most of the charm of x3 basketball and deliver new values and experiences through basketball. For more information or to apply, please contact Han Ki-beom Basketball Class or Multiground Spark Dechon Branch.

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