The representative of a famous American golf course suffered the embarrassment of recording a score of 53 over par at the DP World Tour Dubai Invitational as an invited player. The main character is Ken Wiand, 54, who is in charge of managing The Grove 23 Golf Club in Florida, USA. He shot 87-82-82-86 during the fourth round of the Dubai Invitational He was a whopping 72 strokes behind the winner, Tommy Fleetwood (England).Of course, he was last among 60 players, and was 39 strokes short of Jens Dantrov (Sweden) in 59th place.

Since this competition was held without a cut with only 60 participants, Weand was able to compete on the course for all four days despite her poor performance .When Weand’s scorecard was revealed, dissatisfaction arose at the organizers for allowing a person with such athletic ability to participate as an invited player .Wiand has club professional qualifications, but golf course management is his main job .The Grove 23 Golf Club, where he is the president, is a high-end membership golf course owned by basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Wiand is close to top golf players such as Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland). However, it is not known how he obtained one of the only two invited player spots .One of the two invited players was Thomas Bjorn (Denmark), who served as the general manager of the Ryder Cup European team. Eddie Pufferell (England) said on social media, “Someone of his age was invited to a competition limited to only 60 pros and did something like this. Whether he is Barbie doll boyfriend Ken or not, this should not happen.” “He was angry.

Jamie Herbert, Pufferell’s caddy, criticized, “I acknowledge that sponsors are important and that it is the sponsor’s prerogative to decide who to invite, but it is a waste of invitation authority to invite such people to an uncut tournament with only 60 people .”Richard Mensell (England), who played the first and second rounds with Weand, did not hide that the rounds with Weand were not easy, 카지노사이트킹 saying, “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t distracted.”

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