Golden Nuggets Start Making ‘The Casino’

Reality is dominated by what’s delivered this week for venues in Las Vegas, or at least for the genre of reality known informally as “reality TV.”

Starring: Mark Burnett, producer of “The Casino” and “Survivor,” a 13-episode Fox series that begins production at Golden Nuggets today.

Scheduled to make its summer debut, the show focuses on new owners (and internet trailblazers) Timothy Foster and Nuggets under Thomas Breitling, who hope to transform the Glitter Girl’s Landmark into a hip destination reminiscent of Las Vegas’ ratpack heyday.

As to why it’s worth the network reality series, “Las Vegas is like a magnet,” Burnett explains in a press release. “The city attracts people from all over the world with two things in mind: being rich in a short time and enjoying as much time as possible.”

And promising that “it’s the charm of Las Vegas that we’ll try to capture on camera,” Burnett said, “tells the story of two young entrepreneurs who achieved incredible success during the internet boom and are now realizing their dreams of owning a Las Vegas casino.”

Cameramen have been following posters and brightings over the past few weeks to get preliminary footage for the show.

This week, however, we shift our action to the casino itself, with an emphasis on both visitors and staff.

‘The Casino’ plans to show off its colorful characters. 스포츠토토

One is Las Vegan Dan Sherbondy, whose locally produced comedy The Dan Show will resume filming this week.

This week, “The Dance Show” is planning various hidden camera stunts in a restaurant, so be careful,” Sherbondi warns. In another planned skit, Sherbondi is seen hiding in a cave and playing Saddam Hussein, who is promoting “Saddam Perignon” champagne.

This week’s episode (1 a.m. Saturday on KVVU-TV, Channel 5) will also feature Sherborne announcing a $50,000 bounty for someone who introduces her to the woman she dreams of.

“I’m looking for the woman I dream of,” he says. And offering a $50,000 reward is “cheaper than buying alcohol and dinner for years.”

Sherbondie’s search has already attracted attention, he says, starting with “Casino,” which cast him as the main character. The “Casino” cameras will follow him next week in search of the woman of his dreams while recording a comedy show.

“They’re looking for someone who has a different story,” says Sherbondi.

Meanwhile, Discovery Channel’s “American Casino” is back at Green Valley Ranch, starting its fourth week of production at Green Valley Ranch from the people who brought you “American Choppers.”

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