“Football is Physical” Why Korea and Japan are struggling…”Flinching” by the wind in the Middle East

‘Reuters’ reported on the 22nd, “Physical Arab teams have proven that they do not easily back down against their favorite in the Asian Cup.”

He added, “The second round of the Asian Cup group stage showed that Arab teams have significantly narrowed the gap with the favorite.” 토토사이트 순위

The media highlighted the sluggishness of South Korea and Japan. First, Japan lost to Iraq 1-2. The media outlet said, “Iraqi fans gathered at the stadium to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm. If it were not for the injury of Iraqi striker Aymen Hussein, I could have scored more goals.”

He added, “Iraq was effective even without the ball. It frustrated Japan and tackled Japan’s possession game through tactical fouls.”

Hajime Moriyasu, the coach of the Japanese national team, also said, “I conducted analysis before the game. I knew how Iraq would play, but it was very aggressive. Unfortunately, we could not handle the game.”

Iraqi coach Jesus Casas also said he led the team to victory with his physical management. “Since I took over as coach, I have chosen a great player who is both combative and good,” he said.

South Korea drew 2-2 with Jordan. Jordan showed stability in midfield and defense. Jordan put strong pressure on the team by banking on its physical strength and strength throughout the game. South Korea failed to play the game as it wanted.

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann also said, “The best Jordan did was to subdue us with his physicality in a one-on-one situation. There is a saying in soccer that we have to win one-on-one matches.”

Jordanian coach Hussein Amuta prepared perfectly for the match against Korea. “All the national teams have to believe in their abilities. They have to not be nervous because of their lack of skills. We played the game in a positive manner,” he said.

The biggest issues at the Asian Cup will be strong physical fights and physical play. Son Heung-min also said, “There is no easy match in the Asian Cup. If we are not mentally and physically prepared, our opponents can make it difficult for us.”

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