Player strain injuries are plaguing English Premier League (EPL) club managers. There are suggestions that adjusting the tight schedule of games is the way to go in order to prevent injuries. On Tuesday, the BBC reported, citing EPL injury statistics site PremierInjury, that a total of 112 players across the 20 clubs in the EPL are out with injuries. Topping the list is Chelsea, with a whopping 10 players on the sidelines. Christopher Nkunku and Wesley Fofana have serious knee injuries, Romeo Rabia has an ankle problem, and fullbacks Rhys James and Ben Chilwell are sidelined with hamstring and thigh problems, respectively .Newcastle United, with the likes of Harvey Barnes and Michael Owlis on the sidelines, Sheffield United, with Jorz Boldock groaning, and Crystal Palace are tied for second place on the ‘injury list’ with nine injuries. Arsenal have eight players missing from their lineup as Bukayo Sakho and Declan Rice suffered ankle and back injuries respectively in the North London derby, while Wierien Timberlake and Thomas Partey are long-term absentees and William Saliba and Fabio Vieira are nursing nagging injuries .The managers of these clubs must be scratching their heads as their players are not at full strength. “We had a long season last season with the 2022 Qatar World Cup in the middle of it, and we had a short break because we played too many games, with the FA Cup followed by the UEFA Nations League,” complained Manchester United manager Eric Mourinho. Last season, the EPL scheduled a six-week break in the middle of the season due to the World Cup in Qatar, and the season started earlier than usual on Aug. 5 last year and ended on May 28 this year .The FA Cup final and UEFA Champions League (UCL) final were pushed back to early June, and the Nations League didn’t end until June 18 with Spain winning the title. Just over a month later, in mid-July, Premier League clubs began preseason, and Manchester City, which won the European treble last season, had just 58 days between the UCL final and the Community Shield. “When you have a longer schedule, it puts more pressure on the players, it overloads them. “A lot of people have pointed this out, but the schedule just keeps getting longer,” he said .FIFA’s new guidelines on extra time have also increased the physical demands on players and the risk of injury, according to some .FIFA’s directive to accurately account for injuries, substitutions, and post-goal ceremonies in extra time has led to more matches going over 100 minutes. Manchester United defender Rafael Varane called it “dangerous for physical and mental health,” while Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne said it “makes no sense. “EPL managers offered their own solutions .City boss Pep Guardiola, who is in a better position with only three injuries, 온라인카지노 said his players should work together to get the FI

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