Dutch Game Authority President Resigns

The term of the current chairman of the Dutch Game Authority (Ksa) Renee Janssen’s term expires on October 1, 2024, and Janssen has decided not to serve a second term because his retirement age is approaching at the end of 2023.

That is why the new chairmanship of the Council, to be appointed by the Minister of Legal Protection for six years, has become vacant.

“In recent years, I have dedicated myself to Ksa’s mission to play safe with great energy and joy,” Janssen said. “There are many big challenges for the new chairman. Ksa plays an important role as a supervisor and enforcer in various gaming markets. This management position is challenging and requires creativity, innovation and determination, but above all, it has great social value.”

The recruitment of the new chairman will be carried out through the General Administrative Service (ABD), and answers will be available until November 12, 2023, and Janssen’s 온라인카지노

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