Dodgers have been inundated with inquiries

After acquiring Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been inundated with inquiries from Japanese companies.

The Dodgers signed Ohtani to a massive 10-year, $700 million contract last winter. It was the largest contract in professional sports history. The Dodgers invested heavily in Ohtani, a two-time American League MVP who has thrived in the majors as a two-hitter. They followed that up with a 12-year, $325 million deal for Yoshinobu Yamamoto, a pitcher who dominated Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

The Ohtani deal was orchestrated with the majority of the salary to be paid over time, reducing the immediate need to spend money and making it easier to manage the salary cap.

The Dodgers, 바카라사이트 on the other hand, are immediately realizing a tremendous amount of additional marketing benefit from having Ohtani in their organization. For starters, jerseys and other merchandise emblazoned with Ohtani’s No. 17 and the name OHTANI have been selling like hotcakes since he arrived in spring training. They couldn’t sell enough. In the U.S. media, it is estimated that the Dodgers have made enough money from the sale of merchandise alone to recoup his salary.

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Conglomerates from Ohtani’s home country, Japan, have been throwing money at the Dodgers. On the 26th, it was reported in Japanese media that AFEELA, a new car brand launched by Sony-Honda Mobility in Japan, signed a sponsorship deal with the Dodgers. The Dodgers have already signed sponsorship deals with 11 Japanese companies since April this year. ANA (All Nippon Airways), KOSE, Yakult, Kinoshita Group, THK, TOYO TIRE, and others have signed sponsorship deals with the Dodgers, putting a smile on their faces.

By sponsoring Otani, a “national star” in his home country, companies aim for effects such as billboard exposure and tie-in marketing, while the Dodgers are able to rake in huge profits by having Otani, which increases the price of Japanese broadcasting rights, 메이저사이트 attracts Japanese tourists, sells related products, and receives corporate sponsorship.

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