Dodgers Born a New Empire of Evil… “Yamamoto 12 Years, $325 Million to the Dodgers”

Shohei Ohtani’s suspension of payment has led to a tremendous strengthening of the Dodgers’ power. Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s destination is drawing keen attention from MLB fans. Once his destination, the biggest pitcher, is decided, other players’ destinations are also decided. That’s why most MLB fans are curious about his destination. Especially, it is because the three richest teams in the United States are going to clash head-on over him. 슬롯머신

The New York Post’s John Hayman said, “Yamamoto’s bid is over $300 million. The Yankees, Dodgers, and Mets are considered the most likely candidates, and the Phillies are being talked about as a potential dark horse.” However, this is not the end of it. Dominican Republic media outlet Z101 Hector Gomez even said, “It’s more than $350 million I’ve heard.” On Dec. 21, MLB.COM reported that the Philadelphia Mets made a big, huge offer to Yamamoto and the Dodgers were preparing to bid.

However, the Dodgers made the final decision. Around 1 p.m. on Dec. 22, it was reported that Yamamoto would sign with the Dodgers. “Yamamoto Yoshinobu will sign with the Dodgers for more than $300 million,” said Jack Curry, a reporter for YES Network. “Yamamoto is coming to the Dodgers,” said John Heyman, a reporter for MLB Network. Finally, Jeff Bankruptcy, a reporter for ESPN, concluded that “Yamamoto will go to the Dodgers for 12 years, $325 million.” The $325 million is currently W422.8 billion at today’s exchange rate. The Dodgers ended up spending a whopping $1 billion on only Ohtani and Yamamoto. Of course, this was possible because Shohei Ohtani deferred most of the money after 10 years. It is not yet known whether Yamamoto has decided to suspend the payment.

Following Shohei Ohtani’s 10-year, $700 million deal, the Dodgers made a 2-to-2 deal to bring in Glasnow and veteran outfielder Manuel Margot from the Tampa Bay Rays, securing him to a long-term contract. In the meantime, with Yamamoto joining the team, the Dodgers have been named a strong candidate for the World Series at once. Ohtani will not take the mound next year and may return to the mound the next year. Despite being said to have come down from his prime, Clayton Kershaw is still here. The Dodgers are emerging as the MLB’s new empire of evil. And Japanese baseball fans have a new national team that no one can match.

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