Do you remember the nine consecutive wins against Nexen in Mokdong 10 years ago and KIA…Hwang Dong-ha is aiming for a new history with his first win since his debut

Let’s go back 10 years. At that time, the KIA Tigers won 8-6 against the Mokdong Nexen Heroes on June 8. While pitcher Yang Hyun-jong won the game with six hits and four runs in 5.1 innings, the team’s batting power with 12 hits and eight runs was also shining. 스포츠토토

And the victory of the game that day was the starting point for nine consecutive wins in a row. KIA achieved the winning series with a 6-4 victory over Mokdong Nexen on June 9, and then swept away three consecutive home games of Gwangju NC Dinos. KIA, which took a day off due to rain cancellation, won both two consecutive home games over the weekend against the SK Wyverns and reached seven consecutive wins.

KIA won nine consecutive games in the next Hanwha Eagles away game by winning both games after rain cancellation on the first day. Yang Hyun-jong was also the winning pitcher against Hanwha in Daejeon on June 20, the last game of nine consecutive wins. Yang Hyun-jong, who took the mound as a relief pitcher after Yoon Seok-min (three runs in five innings), helped his team come from behind to win 6-3 with one hit in 2.2 innings.

At that time, the nine-game winning streak was cut off against the Doosan Bears. KIA suffered a 4-4 draw against Doosan in Gwangju on June 26 and lost by 4-5 points against Doosan in Gwangju on the 27th. It failed to stop opposing starter Dustin Nippert’s six hits and four runs in nine innings.
And in 2023, 10 years later, KIA will try again to win nine consecutive games in 10 years. KIA swept Hanwha in three consecutive home games after a 7-3 victory over Suwon KT WIZ on August 24. And after two rain cancellations, he continued his winning streak by completely destroying the “natural enemy” Pedi. In the three consecutive away games against SSG Landers, the Defending Champion, last weekend, KIA also swept the opponent’s mound completely with hot bat firepower.

Now, KIA is aiming for its first nine consecutive wins in 10 years against Doosan in Jamsil on September 5. Coincidentally, he will face Doosan, his opponent who stopped him from winning nine consecutive games 10 years ago.

The variable is the starting showdown. KIA should use an alternative starting pitcher this week. This is why Mario Sanchez, who left due to an elbow injury, filled the vacancy and a doubleheader schedule (home LG Twins match) was set up on September 9.

It is a week that will be a big watershed in the September match. The KIA bench was able to make foreign pitcher Thomas Panoni take the mound twice a week after a four-day break. However, KIA manager Kim Jong-kook decided to use the alternative starting pitcher as planned.

Head coach Kim met with reporters over the weekend and said, “We plan to increase two to three alternative starting pitchers from the Futures team next week rather than changing the interval between existing starting pitchers.” For now, the starting pitcher for Tuesday (September 5) is considered (Hwang) Dong-ha. He showed his potential in his last start, so I look forward to a more advanced pitch. Even if it’s not a long inning, I hope you show a strong pitch that clearly blocks it. “If we get good results, we will have another chance to start,” he said.

Hwang Dong-ha, a 2002-born right-hander who made his debut in the first division this season, pitched in nine games with two losses, a 5.298 ERA, and 12 walks. Hwang Dong-ha, who took the starting mound against the Daegu Samsung Lions on August 20, pitched four hits (two home runs) and one walk and three runs in 4.2 innings, leaving the possibility as coach Kim said.

If Hwang Dong-ha becomes the main character of the team’s nine-game winning streak with his first win in his debut, there is no more thrilling scenario for KIA fans than that. It is curious whether KIA will be able to continue its victory toward the challenge of 12 consecutive wins, the team’s record for the most consecutive wins in history, with nine consecutive wins.

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