Poker dice games have been around for as long as poker itself. The world-famous card game was invented in the early 19th century, but the first poker dice game was introduced only a few decades later. Although there is no exact information on when the game of poker using dice was invented, the data indicate that it was in the late 19th century. What we know is that the game was patented in 1881, which means that the game was first marketed as a game sold by the patent owner. Still, there is no information on who is the patentee, and we have seen numerous dice poker variants since that time. If you look at the use of five dice each with six faces, the number of ‘cards’ used is much smaller than that of traditional poker using actual cards. 슬롯머신 More specifically, poker dice use only 30 cards, while regular poker uses 52 cards. This means that there should be differences with some exceptions. As mentioned earlier, one obvious difference is that suits don’t matter in poker dice games. So, hands like plush and straight plush are gone. In addition, the smaller the total number of cards, the less often the straight-like hand returns than in standard poker games. This is why they are more valuable than four types or full house hands. Finally, one advantage in the game is the presence of Oh Jong-son. Instead of the standard Royal Flush Hand, the five kinds of hands are the highest combination of value you can get when you play poker with dice.

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