Critics say it is a “virtual spectator” because both goals and dynamics have fallen

He is the top scorer with eight goals in the English Premier League (EPL) this season, but is it because expectations for him are too high. The word sluggish is coming out.

Holland set a new personal record with 36 goals in the EPL last season. So the expectation was even higher. He also became the top scorer with 12 goals in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and put Manchester City on the “treble” for the first time in history. It is natural that expectations grow even more.

Holland has been sluggish this season. In particular, Manchester City lost 0-1 in the eighth round of the EPL against big match Arsenal on the 9th. The ranking also fell to third place. Holland did virtually nothing in this game. If you don’t show your presence in the top big match, you don’t deserve to be a top star. Britain’s BBC criticized Holland for being “degraded into a virtual audience.”

Why is Holland sluggish. 스포츠토토사이트

There may be many reasons, but there is one key point. It is pointed out that Kevin De Bruyne has a big gap. De Bruyne is considered Manchester City’s ace, EPL’s best midfielder, and the world’s best existing midfielder.

Oh, my God, he was injured. The Bruyne is in a situation where a long-term absence is inevitable due to injury. It was analyzed that Holland was reduced to such a striker because there was no Der Bruyne who was raising the courier cross.

Britain’s Mirror said, “Holland has not shown the same destructive power as last season. Man City lost to Arsenal in three years. The standard for Holland was set last season. Holland should meet that standard again this season. We are not meeting that standard,” he reported.

Holland has only scored eight goals in the league this season. It was silent against Arsenal. Inevitably, I can’t help but feel the vacuum of The Bruyne. Holland reached a high when Der Bruyne was present. Without Der Bruyne, Holland is experiencing a fall. Not only the productivity of the goal but also the dynamism of the goal has decreased. Holland scored every 77 minutes when The Bruyne was present last season, but he has scored every 89 minutes since The Bruyne is not present this season. The figure has decreased,” he said.

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