Bucheon Hana One Q Kim Jung-eun is making a high five with Yang In-young in the match against Incheon Shinhan Bank at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 19th.

Bucheon Hana One Q Kim Jong-un raises his thumb to his teammate after scoring in the match against Incheon Shinhan Bank at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 19th. “It hurt my heart, but I said bitter things.”

Kim Jong-un (37), a veteran of Hana One Q in Bucheon, confessed that he recently made a “bitter comment” to his juniors. When the team fell into a swamp of four consecutive losses in the opening, he scolded his juniors as the eldest sister and senior in basketball. It wasn’t because of poor performance. Kim Jong-un said, “I can’t help but lose because I’m not good enough. Instead, he said bitterly, “If I get pushed out of energy or determination, I don’t have to play games in the first place.” He expressed regret over his mental strength on the court.

One of Hana One Q’s weaknesses has been the absence of a veteran to take the center of the team, and he knows well that Hana One Q has worked hard to recruit him to overcome this. Hana One Q is the lowest-ranked team for the last two consecutive seasons. Jihyun Shin and Yang In-young led the team, but even they were born in 1995, so they were young compared to other teams’ veterans. Whenever the team falters during the game, they need a player to keep their balance, or sometimes whenever they have a fight with the opponent, the veteran’s vacancy was huge. The reason why Hana One Q recruited Kim Jong-un was the background of Kim Jong-un’s return to his former team after leaving “champion” Asan Woori Bank.

When “Living Legends” such as the Rookie of the Year award, the scoring award, and the MVP of the championship game joined the team in 2006, the team atmosphere quickly became centered on Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un said, “In fact, how different the team will be just because I’m here (laughs),” but added, “In the end, it’s meaningless if the players don’t follow, but thankfully the children follow well.” “It hurts me to say bitter things, but senior players also listen to what I say well,” he said.

It’s not just the role of taking the center of the team off the court. It is playing a key role in the team at once by steadily showing its presence inside and outside the court. He has started all five league games this season, recording 8.8 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 2.4 assists in an average of 29 minutes and 19 seconds.

Bucheon Hana One Q Kim Jong-un is attempting a shot under the basket against Incheon Shinhan Bank at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 19th. Courtesy of WKBL. 토토사이트

After saying bitter words to his juniors, he diligently played on the court against Incheon Shinhan Bank at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 19th. He kept talking and taking the center stage, and even when he was exhausted, he showed his determination by sprinting to the backcourt and returning to defense. After Shinhan Bank made a 3-point shot in the third quarter to spark a chase, it also raised the team’s atmosphere by clenching its fists. Kim scored 14 points in 26 minutes and 39 seconds, his personal best this season. The match was completely won by Hana One Q 79-65. Hana One Q, which won its first victory in nine games last season, enjoyed victory in five games this year when Kim Jong-un joined.

It was also a valuable result for Kim Jong-un, who had no victory after the transfer. In particular, he was especially grateful that his juniors played well as he wished. Kim Jong-un said, “I have to play the role of reading the flow or positioning it in the court. I think Hana One Q also brought me because they needed that. Actually, I was not good enough either. I felt sorry that it wasn’t a big help, but the players followed well today. It was a meaningful win. “I want to have fun with these players in the future,” he said with a smile.

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