Both teams pulled out replacement cards side by side right before the start of the second half

United replaced Aaron Wan-Bissaka with Shaw. Munich replaced Mazrai with Konrad Reimer. Coincidentally, the two teams made changes by replacing fullbacks at the same time.

Entering the second half, Manchester United actively attempted to attack. Antony caught the ball in Munich’s box in the second minute. But this was where Kim Min-jae made a proper tackle. Kim Min-jae succeeded in touching the ball accurately with confidence, and Antony swallowed the disappointment.

In the fourth minute, Wan-Bissaka succeeded in penetrating Munich’s half-space. A wide space opened for a moment, and Wan-Bissaka checked the center and passed it to Fernandez, who was alone near the center of the box. Fernandez immediately tried to shoot a direct shot, but the ball hit the wrong side and went over the goal. Manchester United, who needed the first goal, missed the first goal opportunity that was too bad.

In the sixth minute, Kim Min-jae showed an important defense once again. Garnacho attempted a low cross from the left side toward the front of the goal, and Antony and Hoylun lunged in front of the goal. However, Kim blocked this ball with an appropriate tackle. If Kim did not attempt the tackle, Manchester United had a good chance of scoring the first goal.

Antony was shown a yellow card for a dangerous play in the ensuing situation. He attempted a ball contest with Davis on the left side, but he stepped on Davis’ ankle in the process. The referee quickly declared Antony’s foul and pulled out a yellow card. 메이저 토토사이트

Desperate for the first goal, Manchester United quickly regained possession through a powerful forward Abbuck. Fernandez then stood there and attempted a right footed shot after battling Kimmich near the center of the box. However, the angle was incorrect, and the shot helplessly deviated from Munich’s goal.

Meanwhile, Copenhagen scored the first goal in the match between Copenhagen and Galatasaray, which was being held at the same time. At this point, Copenhagen can win a ticket to the round of 16 as second in the group. From Manchester United’s point of view, Galatasaray should have scored a goal.

In the 13th minute, Musiala quickly tried to break through the center. Then, he passed a penetration pass to you, digging into the left side. Manchester United’s back space opened in an instant, but your touch was not good. Munich missed the chance to score the first goal, and Tuchel swallowed the disappointment. In the ensuing situation, Manchester United launched an attack, but the opportunity fell through due to the lack of detail in the box.

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