Big year-on-year growth in the black market

Yield Sec noted that the illegal Super Bowl betting market has grown every year, with 42 million illegal Super Bowl bets recorded in games this year. In addition, a total of $546 million more were betted using the black market this year.

While growth was less, the legal market also improved, recording 22 million more bets year-over-year. The value of legal bets was also up by $258 million.

On why the illegal betting market continues to be a priority in this year’s Super Bowl, the report noted that illegal operators have used “sports and related entertainment” bets. These include bets centered around Taylor Swift (how many times she will appear on camera, for example), which operators will use to override offers from legal operators.

“The illegality, in short, is that Super Bowl conversations are taking place online and very close to trading opportunities for all Americans,” the report noted.

Yield Sec also highlighted that the wider range of betting choices and bonuses is likely to attract audiences to illicit operators. 토토사이트

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