Betson Group Recognized for Diversity and Employee Satisfaction

Gaming giant Betson Group has won three awards at the women’s awards in game diversity and employee welfare in London. Betson received awards for “Company of the Year,” “Best Diverse Workplace,” and “Employee Engagement Innovation.” This was announced in a press release by Betson on Friday.

The Women’s Diversity Award in the Game started in 2010. Since then, they have established themselves as a famous and respected event that encourages diversity in the global game industry.

The Diversity Game Award recognizes individual and corporate commitment to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion. Awards are given in different categories, such as diversity and inclusive teams and positive role models in other categories, including LGBT. 파친코

The Betson Group has won three awards. Betson was recognized for his overall and long-term commitment to equality among gender, race and sexual orientation as “Corporate of the Year.” The company has created a diverse and comprehensive workplace.

When presenting the “Best Diverse Workplace” award, the jury was based on questions about how companies stood out in competition in terms of effective, motivated, and diverse workforce.

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