Amerista Casino To Acquire 2 Casinos In Missouri

Ameristar Casino, Inc. announced on Oct. 18 that it was buying two Missouri properties from Station Casino and selling Henderson, NV to them.

The deal calls for Amerista Casino to buy Station Casino’s Kansas City and St. Charles properties for a $475 million total cash purchase price, while selling Reserve Casino in Henderson, NV, to Station Casino for $70 million.

“Amerista has actively pursued strategic growth options that are well suited to our portfolio,” explained Craig H. Nielsen, president and CEO of Amerista Casino. “The acquisition of Missouri provides an ideal opportunity for Amerista to further leverage the company’s expertise in Riverboat operations. An additional benefit from this deal is the ability to cross-sell four Midwestern properties combined under the Amerista brand at a higher level of efficiency.” 온라인카지노

St. Charles contains 47,000 square feet of gaming space with 2,008 slot machines, 51 table games and 15 poker tables. A few years ago, Station Casino began building a large, new gaming facility on the St. Charles site. Ameristar plans to complete the initial phase of the project with design modifications.

At the end of the initial phase of the project, the property will occupy 70,000 square feet of gaming space with a total of 2,300 slot machines and 70 table games. Steak houses, buffets, specialty restaurants, deli/café and entertainment centers, arcades and gift shops are also under consideration by Amerista.

Once these acquisitions are complete, regulatory and other approvals are required. The acquisition is expected to be completed as soon as Amerista’s license is completed by the Missouri Gaming Commission. Although no warranty is available, the company believes the license investigation can be completed before the end of 2000.

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