Ahn Se-young, the star of the Asian Games drama, is turning down broadcasting and commercials

The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games have just come to a close. While some of the athletes’ hard work was rewarded with medals, others were able to create emotional moments even without medals. Badminton women’s singles player Ahn Se-young brought the house down in the 토토 final when she stopped playing due to pain, only to get back up and miraculously overpower her opponent. For the record, she won the second gold medal in the history of women’s singles at the Asian Games in South Korea, and the second gold medal of the Games.

With so many people watching his struggles, the attention he received after the Asian Games must have been overwhelming – he was inundated with endorsement deals, commercials, and interviews. But Ahn politely declined the attention he received outside of athletics. There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s a way of giving back to the public, and it’s a way of promoting a sport that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.

“I’m experiencing a different world after the Asian Games with the support and encouragement of so many people,” Ahn wrote on Instagram. “I’ve been getting so many broadcast appearances, interviews, commercials, etc. since I finished (the Asian Games), and I’m just so grateful.”

“But the Ahn Se-young you know is the same Ahn Se-young yesterday, today, and tomorrow,” she continued, emphasizing that she is not a special celebrity because of a medal, but an athlete like so many athletes who are just trying to get through the day and keep going toward their goals. For now, she wants to fully recover, rest, and stabilize.

“You might think I’m cocky, but I have a goal to reach, and I’m going to take it one step at a time,” Ahn said sincerely, adding, “Please support me so that the ‘Ahn Se-young era’ can come, where I can walk firmly and fulfill my dreams.” “If you want to see me, please wait a little longer so 사설토토 that I can become stronger and show you on the court,” he added. After winning the Asian Games, Ahn hopes to win the Olympic and Asian Championships. We can’t wait to see if he achieves his goal of a Grand Slam and ushers in the ‘Ahn Se-young Era’.

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