A man who bet his life’s savings on winning a casino

On Sunday, a man with his savings took home $270,600 while gambling on a double-or-not-out roulette wheel at the Plaza Hotel and casino.

Ashley Rebel, a 32-year-old London man who said he liquidated all his fortune for a leap of faith, bet $135,300 in red at a roulette table while the film crew videotaped his bet.

He wore a rented tuxedo and brought cash to the casino, said Rich Rose, president of sports and special events at Praja.

After exchanging cash for chips and participating in a low-stakes gamble with warmups, Revell reded everything. 카지노사이트 순위

A crowd, including his mother and father, watched the roulette wheel spin. The ball bobbled and fell in various slots before landing on the Red 7.

The jackpot was paid at the table, Rose said. The cash is currently stored in a hotel safe.

Rose said Rebel claimed she came to the hotel “with nothing but clothes on her back.”

Rose said the idea for the bet came during a casual conversation between Levell and a friend earlier this year.

The two explored their options, and recruited a film crew to record the event for possible future releases.
Rebel received a bottle of champagne and a suite from the hotel. The hotel had him sign the roulette he felt and will display it in the lobby, Rose said.

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