“27G 1 goal 4 assists → 14G 4 goals 3 assists” Resurrected Hishal Song? It’s like recruiting a new player! “Under the surface of rumors of release.”

“Tottenham is reluctant to sell Hishalisson, who has recently been in good condition,,” the British Boot Room reported on the 19th (Korea Standard Time). “Tottenham wants to keep Hishalisson, who is receiving attention from Saudi Arabia.”

“Last summer, Hishalisson was linked with Al-Itihad, whose Mohamed Salah deal fell through. After Enze Postecoglou’s inauguration, Hishalisson faced difficulties early in the season, giving way to Son and being kicked out to the side. However, over the past two games, Hishalisson has returned to Tottenham’s No. 9 and made dramatic progress. The long-term future between Hishalisson and Tottenham is uncertain, but at least it won’t be next month.”

Last summer, Tottenham signed a deal with Hishalisson by investing a considerable amount of 58 million euros. The goal was clear. It was to relieve the mounting pressure on Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, and Dejan Kulusevski, who were the club’s main scorers. As Hishalisson is also a striker for the Brazil national team, much anticipation was focused on. 사설 토토사이트

However, the exclamation mark turned into a question mark. Hisalisson bowed his head as he rarely scored even in a crucial chance. He was considered a proven resource as he scored in double digits during his three seasons at Everton, but after joining Tottenham, his form died like a ghost.

Rumors of his release have also been circulating around the world. He is expected to go to Saudi Arabia, which has swept all superstars around the world. Coach Postecoglou also stressed the need to recruit additional strikers, making it highly likely that he will say goodbye.

Such a Hishalysong is showing signs of revival. He has played since returning to the ground after surgery for a pubic bone injury that he had suffered for a long time. He scored multiple goals in the 16th round against Newcastle United, and scored a goal in the 17th round against Nottingham Forest for two consecutive games. He had one goal and four assists in 27 league games last season, but he has four goals and three assists in 14 league games this season.

Of course, the performance is still insufficient compared to the lackluster performance so far, but it is a positive sign for Tottenham. If the recent momentum continues, he may remain without a transfer. In the next round, Hishalisson will try to score a goal in three consecutive games against friendly Everton.

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