“You look good as a No. 1 hitter.” 4G batting average of .500 with 8 home runs and 8 RBIs, Ohtani explodes after leaving MVP colleagues due to injury

Ohtani started as the first designated hitter in an away game against the Colorado Rockies in the 2024 Major League Baseball at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado on the 20th (Korea time) and scored two hits, three RBIs and one run in five times at bat.

The Dodgers lost the game 6-7 in a close game. It gave up a finishing sacrifice in the ninth inning. However, Ohtani has been completely erasing his teammate’s absence from injury. He is also giving up the role of Mookie Betts, an infielder who has been sidelined by the hit.

He had nine hits in four games. He has a batting average of .500 and three homers. He added eight RBIs. With multiple hits against Colorado on the day, his batting average for this season increased to .317, from .316.

Betts, the 2018 American League MVP, was replaced after being hit by a 97.9 mph fastball thrown by right-hander Dan Altavilla at a home game against the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday. The examination revealed that he had a broken bone. He has difficulty playing for at least six to eight weeks. 토토사이트 추천

As the first batter, he was one of the MVP batters leading the Dodgers’ offense. Before he was excluded from the roster, Betts had a batting average of .34 with 10 homers and 40 RBIs. A gap between the Dodgers’ core power and superstar has arisen.

Manager Dave Roberts started using Ohtani as the first hitter. The result was a huge success. Since starting as the first hitter, his on-base percentage has also increased from .377 to .388. His slugging percentage has also increased from .571 to .608. He is displaying tremendous batting performance.

MLBcom said, “Betz will be out for the next six to eight weeks because of a broken left hand. Life will not be easy without him. It is impossible to replace one of the superstars.” However, he said, “The Dodgers still believe that they can produce a high level of productivity until they return to the lineup.”

Not only Ohtani but Freddie Freeman, another MVP, is also included. Still, there are two MVP hitters in the Dodgers batting order, including Ohtani, the unanimous MVP of the American League in 2021 and 2023. The team is lined with famous hitters such as Teoscar Hernandez and Will Smith in the Major League.

On the day of their 11-9 comeback victory over Colorado on Wednesday, MLB.com reported that the Dodgers are still one of the deadliest teams in the world. They proved that they can take the plunge at any given moment. That’s what Ohtani is proving at No. 1.

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