Why 95 billion Lee Kang-in’s motives have disappeared…”Severe viral infection, 6kg missing, complications”

Hamus arrived at Paris Saint-Germain last summer. PSG needed a striker. Kylian Mbappe was present, but preferred the side and the front-line position remained vacant. With the departure of Neymar and Lionel Messi, the number of strikers was not enough. PSG hired Hamus on loan from Benfica for now to keep up with their financial fair play. Since then, they had some leeway and signed him for 65 million euros (W95 billion) in full.

Expectations were high at PSG as he played as a key striker in Benfica and displayed presence in the Portuguese national team by beating out Cristiano Ronaldo. So far, it is quite disappointing. Along with Randal Colo Muani, who joined the team with him, he displayed poor scoring ability and lacked weight at the frontier. Enrique is using tactics to put Mbappe at the forefront, while placing Bradley Barcola, Lee Kang-in, Marco Asensio and Usman Dembele on the left and right sides. 토토사이트 추천

Colo Muani has been deployed all along, but not Hamus. Hamus, who played 13 matches in the French Ligue 1, played for 674 minutes. He scored one goal in the Coup de France against Huebel, but the score was not significant as his team achieved a landslide 9-0 victory. Concerns were raised over Enrique’s absence from the team’s plans in the second half following the first half.

Portugal’s Hekord reported on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) whether Hamus’ participation has decreased recently. The media outlet said, “There are rumors that he has been excluded from the option of Enrique, but it is not true. Hamus had unknown health problems. He lost 6kg due to a serious viral infection for several weeks. He then suffered from various complications. It was last month. That is why he failed to play properly.”

“Hamus’ physical condition got worse during the Christmas holiday. PSG asked Benfica for help while monitoring overall. Now he is fit. He has almost recovered his weight. Now he will fight for selection,” he said.

French footballer Foot Mercato also said on Wednesday, “Hamus seems to have overcome a serious health problem. He was excluded from Enrique’s roster for a while due to injury. Now it’s a story of the past, and he’s back to normal.” It remains to be seen whether Hamus will be different in the second half.

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