West Midlands Gamblers Expose Higher Risk

A new study by GambleAware shows that people in the West Midlands are experiencing more years than the rest of the UK. As reported by the BBC, the charity said gamblers in the area are 25 percent more likely to suffer from their gambling habits.

The latest figures show that around 168,000 adults in the area gamble in ways that disrupt normal lives and damage relationships. GambleAware added that the situation is most severe in Coventry, where as many as 5.1% of all adults experience gambling damage. Meanwhile, the problem gambling levels in Birmingham and Sandwell are 4.5% and 4%, respectively.

In addition, the study showed that representatives of minority groups were more than twice as likely to experience problem gambling as white Britons. This happened even though minority players were less likely to gamble in the past four weeks. 스포츠토토

In addition, 28% of minority representatives think gambling will be shameful and shame on the community. In comparison, only 9% of white respondents in the UK believe so.

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