Value reversal in 4 years…KIA’s ‘One Clubman’ in 2019 was 7 billion won, and ‘KIA→Lotte→Hanwha’s one-year-old best friend was 12.8 billion won

His performance is quite different from what it was four years ago. One player was undervalued but still became a “one club man.” On the other hand, the player who suffered heartache with a lower evaluation rate during the same period became a player who touched more money in four years.

Kia announced on Monday that it has signed a three-year contract worth 3 billion won (approx. The deal is based on a down payment of 600 million won, an annual salary of 1.8 billion won and incentives of 600 million won. Since joining Kia in 2008, Kim has played in a total of 1,509 games during 15 seasons of the KBO league, recording a batting average of .333 with 1,506 hits, 564 RBIs, 691 runs and 149 steals. He had a high batting average of 0.320 last season, 134 hits, 48 RBIs and 41 runs scored, and led players as captain of the team over the past two years, displaying outstanding leadership.

Kim Sun-bin said, “More than anything else, I wanted to stay in KIA. I am grateful to the club for offering me good conditions, and I am happy to continue to hear the cheers of Tigers fans.” He continued, “I will concentrate on sports before the season and help the team to become a consistent strong team. Although I have put down my captaincy, I will do my best to help the team stand at the top of fall baseball with responsibility as an experienced player.” 온라인경마

“Kim Sun-bin is an essential player for the team. As a franchise player who has consistently played for the Tigers as a one-club man, I engaged in negotiations thinking that I should catch him no matter what. As he is already a proven player, if he continues as he is now, he will greatly contribute to the team’s strength,” said Shim Jae-hak, Kia’s general manager.

As a result, Kim signed two FA contracts worth 7 billion won. After the end of the 2019 season, he became the first FA and stayed with KIA for four years and 4 billion won. After becoming the second FA, he signed a contract worth 3 billion won. At the age of 37, he was reborn as a “Jongshin KIA” one-club man by guaranteeing his 19th year in the league.

When Kim signed his first FA contract, the market situation was generally cooling off. There were times when the batting team tried to recruit him, but he eventually withdrew. In fact, Kim had no choice but to Kia. Kia had to choose in the process. Ahn Chi-hong, who is a one-year junior in Kia’s infield team and the winner of 2017 and has been in charge of Kia’s infield for nearly a decade, also became an FA.

Ahn Chi-hong was not a player who could generate repercussions in the market as well. Lotte, which failed to find its main second baseman, reached out to Ahn. Ahn, who needed to prove himself again, did not hesitate to sign a 2+2 contract. Although the deal could have increased to 5.6 billion won (5.6 million U.S. dollars) in 2+2 years, the initial contract amounted to only 2.6 billion won (2.63 million dollars) for two years (1.42 billion dollars) in down payment, 580 million won (482 million dollars) in annual salary, and 600 million won (622,000 dollars) in incentives. Two years later, there was a mutual contract extension clause (mutual option) between the club and the players, and the two sides had to agree to extend the contract by up to 3.1 billion won (3.1 million dollars) for two years.

An Chi-hong had to prove it again during the first two years under pressure. However, An Chi-hong established himself as a sincere veteran for Lotte for two years and cleared his troubles at second base. In the end, he agreed to a two-year, W3.1 billion extension early on during the 2021 season, even before his two-year contract ended. Without difficulty, a four-year contract of up to W5.6 billion was completed.

During the four seasons with Lotte, An Chi-hong made a comeback. Although he lacked explosive power during his time with Kia, he was a troubleshooter, and displayed robust production power, becoming an indispensable part of Lotte. During the four seasons, he played in 496 games, posting a batting average of 292 with 511 hits and 40 homers, 257 RBIs, 27 steals, 187 walks, 210 strikeouts, and OPS.791. He did not hesitate to sacrifice as a second baseman, and served as captain in the final season of his contract, displaying the best example of a quiet leader.

Eventually, An Chi-hong hit the jackpot again after acquiring his second FA qualification. Feeling burdened by the cap on salary cap, Lotte was unable to catch An Chi-hong, whose ransom increased. An Chi-hong left Lotte and signed a four plus two-year contract worth 7.2 billion won (approx. For the first four years, the contract worth 5.5 billion won (4.7 billion won for guarantees and 800 million won for incentives) is implemented, and a mutual option is included. If the mutual option is implemented, a two-year contract worth 1.7 billion won (1.3 billion won for guarantees and 400 million won for incentives) will be added. Eventually, An Chi-hong increased his value through two transfers and signed a contract upon the opening of the FA market.

During the first FA season, Kim was as good as Ahn Chi-hong. During the first FA season from 2020, he recorded a batting average of 0.38 with nine homers, 213 RBIs, 189 runs and 17 steals, and an OPS of .757 in 474 games. He played an average of 120 games and 494 at-bats per year. Despite long labor pains, Kia made a final offer to Kim late last year and signed a second FA contract with Kim’s response. With four years to go, Kim had no other choice but to stay. However, Ahn reversed the situation in which he had a desire and was neglected by the market in the first FA season, which boosted his value.

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