The Move WSOP Main Event Final Table

The final tickets for today’s Poker Main Event World Series have been moved to November, Hara said. Hara hopes the 117-day suspension will increase publicity and drama surrounding poker’s best events.

“Our intention is to provide a bigger stage for our athletes,” said WSOP commissioner Jeffrey Pollock. “Now, fans and viewers will be asking, ‘Who won?’ instead of ‘Who won?’ The excitement and interest surrounding our final nine athletes will be unprecedented.”

Today is a very exciting day for both WSOP and ESPN,” said Jamie Horowitz, senior producer at ESPN Content Development. “Just as baseball added wild cards and NASCAR added cupchases, this has the potential to add new drama and we’re excited about it.”

“You have to watch the show on the day,” Pollock added. 바카라

“I’m expecting some of Poker’s biggest names,” Pollock said, “and some of the biggest names in the movie, TV and music industry.”

“The embryos were created internally (at Harrah’s Entertainment),” WSOP spokesperson Seth Palanski said. “But then we bounced the embryos away from some of the industry’s thought leaders, including television partners and players.”

Palanski added: “There was a lively debate, where things took off.”

The whole process took place on Tuesday, from the idea initiative to the Nevada Game Control Board’s approval.

“We were really empowered in February when we went through all the major hurdles we were tasked with,” Palanski added. “Then it became an issue to take it to different stakeholders so that each group could do its part to ensure success.”

“At the end of the day, everyone loved the idea of matching our product with the TV and creating 15 weeks of programming and same-day deliverables.”

“This move is a tremendous step forward for poker and especially for poker on television,” WSOP PAC member and three-time bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu said in Hara’s statement announcing the change. “This innovative move will not only bring more buzz to the final table, but the time added before the final table will help attract the attention of the poker mainstream media.” Outside the PAC, however, the players’ reactions are mixed.

“I am very heartbroken about this proposal,” said Greg Raymer, the 2004 main event champion and member of the Team Poker Stars Pro. “This may be tremendous for Poker’s continued growth, but the downside is that this long gap can be a completely different person between when you make the final table and when you play the game.”

“I think it’s a big tease for people who wake up the next day and want to win big money,” said Hebard Khan, a poker star professional who reached the final at last year’s table. “I think it’s fresh in the idea, but it needs to be adjusted and reviewed.”

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