Spain “Lee Seungwoo was the successor to Messi of tremendous talent”

The FC Barcelona youth days when Lee Seung-woo (26, Suwon FC) was highly anticipated as the junior of Lionel Messi (37, Argentina), the world’s best soccer player, were still great enough to be remembered by local famous media. 슬롯머신

“Lionel Messi stood out to the point where he left his own footsteps from an early age,” recalled Spain’s Marca on New Year’s Day. “Lee was the successor of an incredible talent that was expected to succeed Messi.”

“Marca” is one of the four major sports newspapers in Spain. It boasts the largest sales volume even if it expands its scope to all major sports newspapers. “However, things did not go as planned. In the end, we failed to reach the destination of Lionel Messi,” Lee said.

Barcelona U-15 Lee Seung-woo scored 39 points in 29 matches, surpassing club senior Lionel Messi’s 37 points in 30 matches, drawing international attention. Sport, another major Spanish sports newspaper, expressed its status as one of the world’s top prospects.

Lee was banned from playing as a member of Barcelona from February 2013 to January 2016 for violating FIFA rules banning transferring players under 18 years of age to foreign countries. Training in Spain has been impossible since September 2015.

The UEFA Youth League, which falls under the age of 19, also showed potential with two points and two assists in nine matches, but ended Barcelona’s career in the summer of 2017 without being promoted to an adult A team.

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