Receiving Federer in real life! South Korea’s Shanghai Masters Tour Team Wins a Windfall

The 2023 ATP Shanghai Masters Tour Group (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Tour Group) has taken a so-called ‘revelation’. Roger Federer, the living legend of tennis, is here.

Shanghai’s favorite man, Roger Federer, has arrived in Shanghai.

After the conclusion of all the matches on the 12th, the Order of Play on the 13th announced a special session on the ATP website. It was the 토토사이트 Roger Federer Presentation. Roger Federer would be holding a fan meeting for Shanghai tennis fans.

The Korean tour group in Shanghai, which is on a “training” tennis tour, started the morning with a joke. “We can see Federer today?” they said. Roger Federer, who was thought to be a rare sight to see after his retirement, especially for Korean fans, showed up on the Shanghai stadium court during the tour group’s schedule. No such luck.

This is Roger Federer’s first visit to Shanghai in four years. He retired last year, and this year’s Shanghai Masters was the first since the outbreak of COVID-19, meaning he hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye to his Shanghai fans. This year, when the Shanghai Masters resumed, Federer returned to the city.

For a man of his reputation, Federer’s record at the Shanghai Masters is unremarkable. He has won 28 Masters titles in his career, but only three Shanghai Masters titles.

Still, Federer was one of Shanghai’s favorite players. When the news broke that he was coming, the stadium courts were packed to capacity on the 13th. The so-called “Federer Corps” took up residence on the court, dressed in Federer gear and making banners proclaiming how much they miss him.

The “Federer Fan Meeting” lasted about 30 minutes. Li Na (retired) and Zhang Jizhen (ATP No. 60) were special guests and joined the Federer fan meeting. The cheers on the court were even louder when the most popular former and current tennis players in China appeared.

Lina and Zhang Jizhen led the talk show with questions about Federer. When asked, “When will you be back on the court?”, Federer gave a witty answer, “If Lina comes back,” which made the fans laugh.

While the Federer fan meeting and talk show was in Chinese and English, the Korean tennis tour group was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Federer himself.

After a four-year hiatus, the Korean tour group has been traveling to Shanghai to improve their tennis skills, make friends with tennis players, and experience the Shanghai Masters firsthand. This year, the group even got to meet Federer in person. It’s a tennis tour of a lifetime.

The ATP Shanghai Masters Tour Group is an overseas tennis tour organized by Tennis Korea and managed by Hana Tour Gwanggyo Branch. It was first organized in 안전놀이터 2010 and is now in its 11th year. The Shanghai tour group will watch the singles quarterfinals on the 13th and return home in the afternoon after sightseeing in Shanghai’s historical sites on the 14th.

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