Real Madrid’s No. 1 scorer MF ignores La Liga regulations ‘shock’ → violations ‘pretend not to know’ every game…I think it’s the secret to leading the score with 13 goals

Midfielder Jude Bellingham, who moved to Real Madrid in Spain’s La Liga ahead of this season, is said to be ignoring league rules. However, he is said to be continuously violating the rules without being sanctioned at all. The Daily Star reported on Thursday that Bellingham has violated the rules of La Liga whenever he is on the field. However, Real Madrid, Spain’s most prestigious club, can overlook this.

The article pointed out that Bellingham broke La Liga rules whenever he took the field to play for Real Madrid. Bellingham moved from Dortmund in the German Bundesliga this season and scored 13 goals. He is the top scorer in La Liga. But fans are puzzled by his socks. It is the socks, or the stockings players wear. Usually, Bellingham makes three holes. This is a strict violation of La Liga rules. 메이저 토토사이트

According to Spanish media, La Liga, like Bellingham, prohibits drilling holes in socks. Recently, however, drilling holes in stockings has become a trend among young English Premier League players. The same applies to Bellingham. Media outlets point out that La Liga is turning a blind eye to Real Madrid’s new young superstar.

In Spain, Gareth Bale did the same thing in Real Madrid’s uniform during the 2022-23 season before Bellingham, but he was not sanctioned. It’s as if famous stars are suspecting that La Liga is turning a blind eye to actions that violate these rules. There is a player who did this and was taken action by the referee. According to the article, some players suffered from uniform violations in the past. Former Valencia defender Ezekiel Garai had to change after wearing a cut-off sock in La Liga’s 2017 match against Barcelona.

The trend of players drilling holes in their socks has been in full swing recently. Fans began to notice that some players have been taking such measures since the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Why do players wear holes in their stockings? Media outlets explain that players purposely poke holes in their socks to relieve pressure on their calf muscles. Too tight socks can cause cramps in their calves. In addition, players wear new stockings in every game, but due to limited material, stockings put pressure on their calves.

Thus, players’ use of scissors in their stockings is a measure to make socks less tight, allowing better blood circulation in their calf muscles. It’s somewhat ugly in terms of aesthetics, but it’s helpful for their performance. The players who play with holes in their socks like Bellingham in the English Premier League are Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka and Manchester City’s Kyle Walker.

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