Park Byung-ho falls far behind MVP Lee Jung-hoo’s cuteness…”Why are you so sly?”

On the afternoon of the 7th, the 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Awards ceremony was held at the Grand Volume of the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul. Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo, who sat at the main table of the winners, had KT Park Byung-ho on the right and Kiwoom Ahn Woo-jin on the left.

Lee Jung-hoo, who was talking before the main award ceremony, leaned down and looked at Park Byung-ho as his belongings fell next to Park Byung-ho.

Park Byung-ho, who felt his sticky eyes, pushed himself back and played a prank of distancing himself from Lee Jung-hoo. They wore masks, but they were seen laughing and joking around.

Park Byung-ho and Lee Jung-hoo worked together with the Heroes from 2018 to 2021. In 2018, Lee Jung-hoo’s second year as a professional, Park Byung-ho returned from his major league challenge and played a big role with a batting average of 0.345 in the league.

It was an opportunity for Lee Jung-hoo to become a proud senior and a big idol. Since then, when Park Byung-ho wore KT’s uniform as an FA, Lee Jung-hoo “crying and crying.”

Lee Jung-hoo expressed respect for Park Byung-ho, who won the home run king for the first time in three years since 2019, saying, “The home run king suits him best.” 카지노사이트

Park Byung-ho, the home run king, currently has 362 home runs in his personal history, and is second in active duty and fourth in his career. SSG Choi Jung hit 429 home runs as the No. 1 active player. Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop hit 467 home runs in his career.

Meanwhile, Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo recorded 193 hits in 553 at-bats, 23 home runs, 113 RBIs, 5 steals, 85 points, 71 walks, and a batting average of 0.349 OPS 0.996. He topped the list in five categories: batting average, slugging percentage, on-base percentage, hits, and RBIs, and received 104 out of 107 votes in the press team’s vote, winning the KBO League’s first rich MVP award after his father Lee Jong-beom, who won the MVP in 1994.

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