Northstar Gaming Expands Betting Platforms Across Canada

Northstar Gaming Holdings, Inc. announced that online casinos and sportsbooks will soon be available across Canada with the launch of Northstar Bettscom in a few weeks. The North Star Betts game platform, which debuted in Ontario in May 2022, will be broadcast live in all provinces and regions of Canada.

“We are excited to take this breakthrough step and become a true national brand,” said Michael Moskowitz, chairman and CEO of Northstar Gaming. “As a Canadian company, we are confident that we understand local consumers better than our big international competitors and offer a premium experience that best fits their needs. We expect our rollout across Canada to be an important catalyst for the growth of our customer base and revenue in the years ahead.” 온라인카지노

“That’s Win”
Northstar has launched a multi-channel promotion campaign to create awareness of the brand among Canadians. Alongside the tagline “That’s a Win,” the campaign highlights the premium gaming experience offered by Northstar Betscom. In addition to national advertising and social media, consumers can expect to see in-market promotions built around major events across different regions of the country over the next two months.

The North Star Betts brand commitment is to offer a premium gaming experience that is differentiated from the alternative in some important ways. Live sports news, statistics, analysis, and exclusive editing content are integrated directly into the North Star Betting environment. Personalized customer service is designed to achieve quick resolution to any problem. The platform is built on top-notch gaming content and technology from major global vendors. Most recently, the company announced the integration of artificial intelligence features to help tailor the experience to the specific preferences of individual users.

a major strategic milestone
The nationwide rollout is expected to significantly expand Northstar’s addressable market and accelerate growth. The Canadian online sports betting and iGaming market is estimated to reach $8.5 billion by 2026, with more than 60% of the market outside Ontario.1 A growing customer base can leverage the company’s investments in scalable infrastructure, human resources, proprietary content, and marketing. Establishing a brand and customer base across the country will also help ensure that Northstar is well positioned as the province builds a regulatory framework.

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