Macau law exempts prosecution of illegal gambling detectors

Macau will exempt minor gambling offenders from prosecution if they provide evidence against others. Under the revolutionary new law, the special administration will slap such informants on the shoulder or at least exempt them from fines. 온라인경마

The new legislation is in line with Macau’s plan to prevent illegal gambling and crack down on unlicensed businesses. The bill said it won final approval from a legislative session last Friday. Chan Chak Mo, the subcommittee chairman who also reviewed the bill, revised a phrase that could be problematic.

For example, under the new law, gambling should not be done in public. However, Chan Chak Mo made it clear that a wide variety of places would be considered “public places.” Criminals would be fined about $190 to $620.

Under the new law, anyone convicted of playing in such a place will be considered a criminal. However, if authorities provide evidence to arrest another suspect or operations manager, they will be exempted or at least their punishment will be reduced.

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