Lee Jung-hoo entered the ML splendidly. LG 139SV Closer has no news, and it’s Christmas holiday, but time is running out

Ko Woo-suk (25, LG Twins) and Lee Jung-hoo (25, San Francisco Giants) started posting in the Major League from the 5th. Lee Jung-hoo entered the Major League with a six-year, $113 million jackpot with San Francisco, but Lee Jung-hoo’s brother-in-law Ko Woo-seok still has little news.

Bidding by Major League teams may or may not be made quietly and secretly for Ko. No one can predict the ending until the contract is announced or until the posting deadline of January 4 next year. Ko has no choice but to wait calmly. 카지노사이트 순위

Even so, CBS Sports recently published an article that Lee Jung-hoo and Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25, Los Angeles Dodgers) have changed the way major league teams look at international prospects, saying, “Ko Woo-suk can go to the major leagues,” which is uncomfortable.

Anyway, the deadline is approaching. And in the U.S., the Christmas holiday is approaching. The day falls on the 22nd in U.S. Standard Time. In fact, the Christmas holiday begins from this period, and most clubs take a break until early January. The same applies to local agencies. The U.S. baseball community seems to be taking a break for Christmas and the beginning of the year.

The announcement of Yamamoto’s 12-year, $325 million contract, which was also scheduled to close on January 4, on the 22nd, is also an example of proving that the previous prediction that it will eventually be decided before the Christmas holiday is not wrong. In other words, even if the deadline is the 4th of next month, the psychological Maginot Line is at this point considering the holiday, so it was very natural for the Yamamoto contract to be announced.

In this regard, there is an analysis in the industry that if Ko Woo-seok is not announced at this point, it may be difficult for him to enter the Major League. Of course, the KBO League has ended, but just as important tasks continue, the Major League may also proceed with important issues. Therefore, Ko Woo-seok’s move should be watched until the 4th of next month.

As Ko has received a Major League identification check, he is taking on the challenge because he has a dream of playing in the Major League. However, he has to slow down a little this season. This year, Ko had 3-8 losses, 15 saves and a 3.68 ERA in 44 games. Although LG won the title overall, it was difficult for Ko to be satisfied with his performance.

Even if Ko doesn’t go to the Major League, what is clear is that the challenge will continue. He is a player who will continue to play baseball wherever he is, and he has enough time and skills to make up for his slowdown this year. Of course, LG is expected to change its 2024 season plans a lot depending on the ending of Ko’s posting.

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