Kim Ha-sung contributes to victory at bat despite unfortunate mistakes… SD won 3 times in a row

Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres made up for his disappointment in defense.

Kim Ha-sung started as the eighth shortstop in a home game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Petco Park on Tuesday (Korea time), and recorded one hit in four times at bat. He recorded a batting average of 0.215 for this season. He won the game 9-5, and won the game three times in a row. He won the game 40-40 for this season. Milwaukee recorded 44-32.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, with two outs and a runner on the first base, he hit a clean line drive hit that stretched to the right-center. First baseman Donovan Solano was slow, sending him to third base. He failed to make a follow-up hit, resulting in a run-off.

He recorded two errors in defense. Both errors were not easy to defend, but as a result, it led to a loss, which left a regret. 토토사이트 순위

San Diego was dragged away, allowing four runs in the fifth inning alone. Kim Ha-sung recorded an error here. It was good to catch Jackson Churio’s deep ball with runners on second and one out, but first baseman Luis Arraez failed to scoop up the throw. He allowed additional bases by spilling forward throws beyond what he failed to scoop up.

Bryce Turang’s grounder to third base later turned the game over safely at home after a video review, and William Contreras, Christian Yelich and Rhys Hoskins’ hits came in succession, quickly turning it over 1-4.

San Diego turned it over 5-4 in the fifth inning with Arraez’s two-run home run, Jake Cronenworth’s solo home run in the sixth inning and Donovan Solano’s timely hit, but gave up the tie again in the top of the seventh inning.

Kim Ha-sung’s defense was also regrettable in the situation of losing points. Kim Ha-sung, who caught Sal Frelik’s slow ground ball with one out and runners on the first and second bases, chose to step on the base himself instead of throwing it to the second base. It was good so far, but the throwing to the first base was too urgent, and the runner on the second base homered to make it 5-5.

After confirming that his throw was out, Kim Ha-sung showed regret by hitting the ground. The regret was relieved in the bottom of the seventh inning. San Diego again led the game with Cronenworth’s single to the left in the bottom of the seventh inning with one out and a runner on the second base, and Solano’s walk pushed the ball to lead the game 7-5.

Kim Ha-sung, who appeared with the bases loaded with one out, pushed a 99-mile sinker on the third pitch in the 0-2 count against Elvis Peguero. It was a hit that went straight to the second baseman, but the opponent’s second baseman, Turang, ran out with the intention of blocking the score and threw it back, making all the runners survive. The record keeper gave the scene a fielder’s choice due to a second baseman’s error, and Kim Ha-sung had no RBI. He had to be satisfied that the runner stepped home.

San Diego led the game 9-5 with Manny Machado’s timely hit in the eighth inning. Cronenworth had the best day of the game, going five at-bats for five hits, four runs scored, and two RBIs, including homers. He won the game, but suffered injuries. Two of his leading hitters left during the game.

Fernando Tatis Jr. was struck in the left arm in the bottom of the third inning and replaced by Tyler Wade in the bottom of the fifth. The Padres announced that Tatis was replaced by a left triceps contusion.

Jurickson Profar complained of leg problems while running to second base after hitting a double at the batter’s box in the bottom of the seventh inning, and was replaced by Jose Azoka. In the game, catcher Luis Campusano was excluded from the lineup due to a thumb injury in his left hand.

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