“I saw a ‘sense of community’ more valuable than a gold medal in the young national team.”

One of the scenes in which Kim Sung-keun, head coach of the reality baseball entertainment “The Strongest Baseball,” was impressed watching the journey of the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team was the 9th final against Taiwan on the 7th when the gold medal was decided. Coach Kim noted the process in which the national team closer Ko Woo-suk threw three breaking balls in a row in the ninth inning with one out and runners on first and second bases, finishing the game with a double play to second baseman.

It was 2-0 in the bottom of the ninth inning. The ball, which seemed to have passed through the strike zone, was judged by the ball in succession, and after a difficult fight, two runners were sent out one out later. If it’s “one shot”, you can come from behind to lose. Ko Woo-suk induced an infield grounder after throwing three breaking balls in a row against the follow-up hitter Unenting. 토토사이트

Director Kim Sung-geun said, “The tempo of the sign-and-sign exchange was very fast. Ko Woo-suk threw according to the catcher’s signature. It was a huge game, but young catcher Kim Hyung-joon, who signed the autograph like that, and pitcher Ko Woo-suk, who trusted and followed it, were great.”

Coach Kim pointed out the process of becoming a complete “one-team” as the national team players, who were mostly young players under the age of 25, blamed themselves after the group match against Taiwan. “Go Woo-suk cried about the scene of the final save. I wonder how much he must have blamed himself for his colleagues when he became the first and second base. He expressed his gratitude by saying, “The catcher saved me.” I also told my juniors how I felt, and Korean baseball got more valuable than winning the championship in this tournament,” he said.

Coach Kim said, “In this tournament, it clearly seemed to me that it was a ‘sense of community’. The young players moved with a consciousness that if I did something wrong, it would harm others. I think it’s a necessary message not only for Korean baseball but also for Korean society now,” he said.

Coach Kim reinstated baseball at the Asian Games in a hopeful voice during a phone conversation on the 11th. Following Ko Woo-suk, the final starter Moon Dong-joo was the highlight. Coach Kim looked into the changes made to Moon Dong-ju in the group match against Taiwan and Moon in the final match against Taiwan.

Moon allowed two runs in four innings in his first match against Taiwan and six scoreless innings in the final match against Taiwan. Coach Kim said, “Moon Dong-ju lost a point with a one-bound ball (bombing) in his first appearance. Since then, I have felt a great sense of self-confidence and I have seen him throw a ball more carefully,” he said, shedding light on the change in the slide step (quick motion) between his two appearances against Taiwan.

Coach Kim said, “In the first game, I saw it shaking after getting on base as a runner. Looking at it, I tried to throw it in a hurry by lifting my foot short when I was doing quick motion, so I kept getting a one-bound ball. But it was different in the final. He threw his ball while holding the center while doing the quick motion. I’ve got time,” he said.

The process of preparing for the national team’s young players with responsibility for each other while struggling at the beginning of the tournament was captured through manager Kim Sung-keun. Coach Kim looked into the change in breathing of Moon Dong-ju and catcher Kim Hyung-joon as one of them. “When I saw the first match against Taiwan, it was too late for the catcher to put out a mitt. As a result, the pitcher threw the ball before the catcher even brought the mitt. “There were many one-bound balls when the target was gone, but it was different in the final,” he said, speculating that there were various preparations and efforts between the two during the short tournament.

Coach Kim said, “I found a young catcher, too, when Kim Hyung-joon, who was born in 1999 and wore the main mask of the tournament, brought out a scene that gradually evolved during the tournament. There is an old saying, “A filial son comes out of a poor house,” but a catcher came out in Korean baseball amid a lack of money, he added.

Coach Kim commented on the tournament and said, “For example, we have to live together on the battlefield. If someone falls down next to you, you have to hug him or her. That was what the national baseball team looked like at this Asian Games. I’ve seen something I haven’t seen in recent years in the national team. I think it was a competition where the spirit and consciousness of young players came alive,” he said. Coach Kim also said, “The final match was 2-0 but it was worth more than 10-0 and 20-0 wins. I hope our leaders and educators will continue in the future, he said.

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