Guns + 126 bullets… Former EPL player caught trying to cross border

Simone Vučević was caught by police.

“Former Premier League soccer star Simone Vuchevic has been arrested after being caught at the border with a firearm and 126 bullets,” the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

Vukcevic began his professional career at the age of 17 when he joined the Partizan team in Belize. He played alongside Cristiano Ronaldo at Sporting CP in the early 2000s and later signed with clubs in England, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, and Cyprus.

He was reportedly at the center of a bidding war between Bolton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers in the 2008 summer transfer window, but he remained at CP Sporting in Portugal.

Vukcevic signed for Blackburn in 2011 and scored his first goal for the club in a 3-2 win over Leyton Orient in the League Cup in September.

Vukcevic’s arrest came out of nowhere as he continued to play for Blackburn. According to Portuguese media, Vukcevic was arrested while trying to cross the border. According to Serbian media, he could be detained for 56 days.

Vukcevic was detained at the Gostun border crossing while trying to leave his home country. Portuguese newspaper Hecord reported that Vukcevic, a former sportsman, was charged with “illegal possession of arms and ammunition.” It also said that prosecutors in the Serbian city of Užice had taken over the case.


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