Even though he was in 6th place, Cloud Spectator, the owner of the team gave him a tablet PC present…It would be amazing if KIA players get good results

Many spectators visited Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, where the KIA Tigers and Samsung Lions played on the 8th. More than 16,000 people filled the stands. The fact that it is a holiday with the smell of autumn and the first home game since September 24 also played a role. It was also the day when 2024 rookies made their first greetings.

KIA won nine consecutive games in the second half, once approaching second place and reaching a two-game gap. However, key hitters such as Park Chan-ho, Na Sung-bum, and Choi Hyung-woo were in a hurry to end the season due to injuries. Now, it is in sixth place, three games behind fifth-place NC. In the remaining seven games, they have to turn the tables which are not easy. Perhaps even though it was a disappointing sixth place, cloud spectators gathered and cheered enthusiastically. 스포츠토토

Of course, Samsung fans also filled the stands on the first base and cheered. KIA fans are famous for their enthusiastic cheering. Many fans flock to every corner of the country. If you go to away games in the Seoul metropolitan area, such as Jamsil Stadium, Munhak Stadium, Gocheok Dome, and Suwon Stadium, you will be filled with away seats. So other club players are envious. In fact, fans’ enthusiastic support is the most surprising and grateful part when players wear KIA uniforms in trade.

The team also has strong support. Owner Song Ho-sung presented the latest tablet PC to the coaching staff and players on the 8th. “It was a great impression to see the team doing their best on the ground for Tigers fans. Please always keep in your heart that you are the pride and vitality of Tigers fans,” he said, adding, “It will be difficult because there are many injured players recently, but please do your best without giving up until the end of the season.”

As such, KIA does not spare much support and investment in its players. The away accommodation is also allocated to one room per person, and the locker room, the space for players, is considered the best among Korean clubs. Since Kia Motors is its parent company, the away bus is also ultra-premium. If you buy a Kia, you can get a discount. If you only raise your grades, your salary will be raised to match. In order to achieve team performance, he does not hesitate to recruit a huge FA.

There are also a lot of prize money that many sponsors give to players. There are also home run zones (2 million won), weekly MVP (1 million won), and weekly defense awards (1 million won). Various monthly MVPs and game MVPs will be awarded by Lotte Department Store and Bright Eye 21. There is also a separate director award selected by the director himself. You can get a lot of salty extra money.

A leader who recently left KIA said, “KIA is good to the players. “I have to be happy about my career in KIA.” Even if you’re in 6th place, you get such enthusiastic support and support, but if you’re in 1st place, it’s literally awesome. At the time of its 11th integrated win in 2017, Champions Field surpassed the dream 1 million spectators for the first time. The annual salary of players in the 2018 season was by far the first among the 10 clubs. That’s why players should be good at baseball.

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