Defendant admits winning bet on SunCity VIP room

Former Macau junket boss Alvin Chowchukwa was nominated and knew of a so-called “victory” betting business in Macau, a fellow defendant named by a third defendant, Chengchkin, told a court Thursday to clarify part of the story.

He told prosecutor Lai Wu of Macau’s first trial court that he was a “friend” of Chow, a former Junket boss of SunCity Group, and worked as a “Junket Agent” for the privately owned SunCity Group. Prosecutor Chung also described himself as a food and beverage business owner.

In response to the prosecutor’s question, Mr. Cheng admitted that he had been linked to a specialized company dealing with the multiplier betting business that employed “several dozen.” However, he later admitted to receiving administrative support from SunCity Group employees, but added that the companies had “no relationship” with SunCity Group. 파친코

Mr. Cheng also acknowledged running a multiplier betting business in VIP rooms run by SunCity Group and rooms run by other junket operators in Macau.

He added that Mr. Chow introduced himself to potential customers interested in betting on multipliers. Cheong stated that the former president of SunCity Group was aware that the multiplier betting business was taking place inside the VIP room of the Junket operator. The defendant added that multiplier business betting was widespread in Macau’s gaming industry at the time.

The Macau prosecutor’s office has indicted 20 people, including Chow and Cheng, on charges of illegal gambling, criminal organizations, fraud and money laundering.

Another defendant, Ali Celestino, described in court as a former executive of SunCity Group who helped run information technology (IT), gave evidence Wednesday that computer settings used to record multiplier bets were developed for Cheng.

During Thursday’s session, Ali said he understood that Cheng was a “shareholder” of SunCity Group, referring to Cheng as Mr Chow’s “business partner” on Wednesday.

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