BETER Promotes Maria Mashenko To General Manager Of BETER Sports Division

Over the past two years, Mashchenko has served as BETER’s COO, as well as growing and developing within the organization, outsourcing, franchise sports, and e-sports tournaments.

COO Maria’s collaboration with several well-known sports and e-sports companies has helped bring BETER to a whole new level. 바카라사이트

Mashchenko’s dedicated efforts as BETER’s COO ultimately resulted in an increase in the amount of fields available, and she was undoubtedly able to promote vertical growth within the highly competitive and thriving i-game and sports betting communities.

Maria’s new role as general manager of BETER’s sports division coordinated the organization’s strategy and goals to strengthen each product vertically through the building and collaborate with dedicated teams of employees passionate about not only e-sports but also sports.

Based on what it looks like, BETER’s sports vertical now includes the field of table tennis. The Seka Cup’s table tennis tournament seems to be one of the most popular events, garnering more than 13 million views per month worldwide.

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