75% of the voting score plus 25% of the defensive record score

Ahead of the opening of this season, KBO has decided to enact the league’s official defense award to recognize the value of defense and encourage the improvement of defense capabilities across the league.

The KBO Defensive Award will be awarded to a total of nine people, one for each position that showed the best defensive ability in the regular season, and the winner will be determined by summing up 75% of the voting score and 25% of the defensive record score. 토토사이트

The criteria for selecting candidates are as follows.
Pitchers are eligible to be candidates for players who have pitched more than one-third of the team’s games (144 games) (48 innings). In addition to starting pitchers, bullpen pitchers such as intermediate pitching and closing pitchers were also selected as candidates. Catchers are selected by players who have played more than one-half of the team’s games (72 games).

Infielders and outfielders are eligible for players who defend in the position at least 720 innings multiplied by five innings by the number of team games, and outfielders are divided into left field, right field, and center field categories. If you play in two or more positions and play a total of 720 innings or more, you will be selected as a candidate for the position with the most innings.

According to these criteria, candidates for each category were selected with 108 pitchers, 14 catchers, 4 first basemen, 10 second basemen, 9 third basemen, 9 shortstop, 5 left field, 9 center field, and 7 right field.

The voting will be held for a week from today, with a total of 110 people, including 11 people per club, including a coach, nine coaches, and one general manager. Voters are not allowed to vote for players in their clubs, and will be held in closed-door voting.

The defensive record will be used by defensive indicators developed in cooperation with Sports2I, the official KBO record company, and the total score will be calculated by summing the scores of two to three defensive items for each position. Official record scores reflecting defense rates and range factors will be reflected in all positions, as well as pitcher’s bunt batting processing and checking, catcher’s stolen base rate and blocking rate, and infielders and outfielders’ adjusted KUZR (KBO Ultimate Zone Rating) score, which corrected unrecorded defense and errors, will be reflected. Data accumulated separately during the season by the KBO Official Archives will be used to aggregate catcher-free bases and correction of KUZR.

The final result of the long-awaited first KBO defensive award will be announced at the KBO awards ceremony scheduled for the end of November, and the winner will be awarded 2 million won in prize money along with a trophy.

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