1st Place With 8 Goals

He is the first contributor to the gold medal, scoring eight goals alone. Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) shook off the burden he felt during the tournament after entering the country.

The men’s national soccer team at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games beat Japan 2-1 in the final and won the gold medal. He arrived at Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 8th and received enthusiastic cheers and applause from fans. Jung Woo-young, who scored eight goals and won the gold medal with the top scorer in the tournament, said, “I feel so good. The winner and top scorer are good manure and experience as a player. I want to say thank you to the coach and the players,” he said.

Hwang Sun-hong, a legendary striker, was also surprised by Jung Woo-young’s strong performance. Director Hwang said, “I didn’t know (Jung) Woo-young would put this much in,” drawing laughter. In response, Jung Woo-young said, “I didn’t know I’d put it this well either. “I think I was able to score a lot of goals thanks to the trust of the coach and the players,” he said. 스포츠토토

It was a competition where I could not let go of my tension until the end. South Korea lost the first point in the final against Japan in a minute and a half. In the 26th minute of the first half, Jung Woo-young scored an equalizer and turned the game around thanks to Cho Young-wook (Kim Cheon Sang-mu)’s come-from-behind goal in the second half. With a thrilling come-from-behind victory, he achieved three consecutive victories in men’s soccer at the Asian Games. Jung Woo-young, who saved Korea from a crisis, said, “I gave up the first goal. There were some difficult parts, but he scored the equalizer quickly. I think the players also had strong faith,” he said. “It was the most memorable goal. Everyone was desperate, not just me. I hope it will help the players a little,” he replied.

Hwang Sun-hong played a significant role as a troubleshooter. He did his part perfectly in the number seven that goes by the ace number. In the national team, captain Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) wears No. 7. Jung Woo-young, who chose No. 7 from the Asian Games national team, joins the A national team and prepares for two warm-up matches (Tunisia, Vietnam) in October.

Jung Woo-young, who felt the weight of seven times, said, “We have to compete even when we go to the A national team. I will try to play many games by showing good performance,” he said. “As long as Heung-min is there, it is impossible to play seven times.” The weight of the number was burdensome, but on the other hand, it was a strength. I think I was able to play a good game thanks to my strength,” he replied.

Rumor has it that the locker room atmosphere was hot after winning the championship. Hwang Jae-won (Daegu FC), who helped Jung Woo-young score in the final, said, “I danced in the locker room.” Jung Woo-young, who recalled that time, said, “The dance was performed hard by (Song) Min-gyu. I think it was me next. I think I expressed the joy of the moment,” he said, smiling shyly.

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