’10 Runs’ ERA 1.89 → 2.96 Surges, Is the collapsed Japanese monster ‘Imana Syndrome’ over? “There are days like this.”

Japanese left-hander Shota Imana (31), who had been making a big splash with his earned run average of one point, collapsed with his worst pitch since his Major League debut. As he allowed 10 runs, his earned run average surged by more than one point.

Imanaga started the 2024 Major League Baseball’s home game against the New York Mets at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, on the 22nd (Korea time), and was beaten with 11 hits (three homers) in three innings, one walk, three strikeouts and 10 runs.

After losing for the second time in this season (seven wins), Imana’s ERA soared from 1.89 to 2.97 due to one game. Prior to the game, Imana ranked second overall in the ERA league, but lost as many as 16 places to 18th due to 10 lost points.

I felt nervous from the start of the first inning. Imanaga allowed a three-run homer to J.D. Martinez after walking Brandon Nimmo after a full-count game after getting hit by a left-handed double by Mets No. 1 Francisco Lindor. He was hit by a four-seam fastball in his fourth pitch.

In the second inning as well, Imanaga gave up a solo shot to mid-wall to Francisco Alvarez on a four-seam fastball with the second pitch, but gave up a hit to Jose Iglesias before getting a home run from Nemo. He also hit a four-seam fastball with the first pitch, which led to a two-run shot to the left-center wall. 토토사이트 순위

After allowing one more run after three hits in the third inning, Imana was replaced by Hayden Wesneski after getting a double to the left by Lindor, a single to the right by Nemo, and a timely RBI by Martinez in the fourth inning. Wesneski called both Imana’s runners home, increasing the number of runs to 10.

Imanaga, who posted an ERA in the 0-point range (0.84) in the first nine games of the season, broke the 1-point range for the first time on the day, rising to the latter half of the 2-point range. This is a graph in which the ERA increases in April (0.98), May (2.67), and June (6.00).

Lee won the match against the Mets on April 2 with three hits, one walk and seven strikeouts in seven innings, but it was totally different on the day. According to local media including “MLB.com ,” Lee said after the match, “I felt differently today than the last time. It seemed that the opponent team has definitely adjusted. I was ready for fastballs and balls that fall into the zone.”

Another noticeable part is that the average speed of the four-seam fastball on the day was 90.1 miles (145.0 kilometers) per hour, falling from the season average of 91.8 miles (147.7 kilometers). “In the previous game, I deliberately dropped the speed of the ball early on, and then gradually raised it,” Imana said. “I approached it in the same way today, but I got hit even before starting my plan.”

Cubs manager Craig Counsell said, “Imanaga made some mistakes. The opposing hitters didn’t miss their mistakes. We just have to dismiss it as a bad day and seize the next opportunity.” Imanaga also promised to play in the next game, saying, “Sometimes throwing 100 percent doesn’t work. We need to find ways to become a better player.”

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